ON SUNDAY, 22/10/2017, the parishioners of Musaza parish celebrated its patron saint, Saint John Paul II.
 The ceremonies were preceded by a solemn mass presided over by 
Bishop Antoine KAMBANDA, Bishop of Kibungo, from 10:00
This day was attended by many people including the inhabitants of 
the parish and other people from Musaza who live outside the parish.
 During these ceremonies were celebrated the jubilees of 25 years 
of sacrament of marriage and 50 years of the sacrament of baptism 
 In addition, 50 families had their health insurance from the parish.
The parish of Musaza was founded in 2015 
. It has 30,042 inhabitants, 
of whom 11,942 are Christian Catholics 

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. Last year, Musaza had his first priest, Father Cyriaque SHUMBUSHO.


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