Welcome To Centre Saint Joseph

“Centre Saint Joseph” is located in Ngoma district in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Our team members are always ready to provide friendly, individualized service, and we are also happy to offer a range of service to meet your needs

From booking to check out we are ready to make your stay as enjoyable as possible
. Our Centre has enough bedrooms, offers the best value for quality accommodation.


Perfect for families, leisure or business. Our Centre is the next nearlest Hotel from Akagera National Park and it is 2 hours Driving From Kigali International Airport, Kigali Convention Center And Kigali City Center, 2hrs From Rusumo, the boarder of Tranzania
. It allows Guests to Experience the Vibrant Rwandan Culture

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Don’t forget, our hotel provides FREE Wi-Fi access for residents so you can always keep in touch with business or family and friends while you enjoy your stay with us.

Manager Fr Jean D’Amour TUMUSENGE : 0788856156

Posted by Fr Dieudonné UWAMAHORO,

Commission of social communication and culture activities


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