On thursday 19/10/2017 Caritas Diocesan of Kibungo  in  partnership with  Ngoma District ,LODA, RGB nad RAB we have  done an outreach to Kazo Sector  for monitoring and training Beneficiaries of VUP ;  Dedicated Staff of Caritas Kibungo Edouard MURUTAMPUNZI and Pascal RUBABAZA we have  conducted the physical verification of Beneficiaries   and thought Staff of Kazo Sector  the correct targeting lists Fy  July 2017 to June 2018

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. whose are :

  • Beneficiaries in category 1 of Direct Support
  • Beneficiaries in category 1 of Public Worker
  • Beneficiaries in category 1 &2 of “Girinka”
  • Beneficiaries in category 1 &2 of  Financial Service ,…etc.
  • With Executive Secretary of Birenga Cell, we have have trained the Citizens of Karisizo village in income generating activities and mobilized them to save in SACCO,RIM, and organize groups of saving and lending in their villages respectively.We have coached them to establish kitchen gardens,   viable projects and  submitted to be funded from cell to SACCOs levels,and 4 beneficiaries have already received that loan during this fiscal year 2017/2018..etc


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