Diocese of Kibungo


The Catholic Diocese of Kibungo, originating from the Diocese of Kabgayi, has been erected on September 5, 1968 by the Holy Pope Paul VI and was entrusted to His Excellency Bishop Joseph SIBOMANA, as the first bishop.

The Diocese of Kibungo is one of the nine Dioceses of the Catholic Church in Rwanda. Located in the South-East of Rwanda with an area of 2,670 km2, it borders the Diocese of Rurenge-Ngara of Tanzania to the East, the Diocese of Muyinga of Burundi to the South; the Archdiocese of Kigali to the West and the Diocese of Byumba to the North.

It includes the Districts of Ngoma, Kirehe, Kayonza, most of Rwamagana District, and a small part of Gatsibo. Traditionally, it covers the regions of Gisaka and Buganza East in the former Rwanda.

Today it comprises 20 Parishes and 2 Quasi-Parishes divided into 3 Deaneries:

Deanery of Kibungo in the centre with 6 Parishes and one Quasi-Parish: Zaza, Kibungo, Bare, Rukoma, Gahara, Kansana and Remera

Rwamagana deanery in the west with 7 parishes and a Quasi-Parish: Rwamagana, Rukara, Mukarange, Kabarondo, Gishanda, Munyaga, Ruhunda and Nyakabungo

Rusumo Deanery in the East with 7 Parishes: Nyarubuye, Rusumo, Rukira, Kirehe, Gashiru, Musaza and Kiyanzi


At its foundation, the Diocese of Kibungo was entrusted to His Excellency Bishop Joseph SIBOMANA who was then Bishop of Ruhengeri.

Having reached the age limit, Bishop Joseph SIBOMANA presented his resignation to the Holy Father, which was accepted on 25 March 1992.

On 30 March 1992, the Holy Pope John Paul II appointed Monsignor Fréderic RUBWEJANGA, then Professor at the Major Seminary of Nyakibanda, as the new Bishop of Kibungo. He took possession of his episcopal see on 5 July 1992.

On 28 August 2007, the Diocese of Kibungo received its third Bishop in the person of Monsignor Kizito BAHUJIMIHIGO, who was transferred from the episcopal see of Ruhehengeri to that of Kibungo.

On 29 January 2010, the Holy Father Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Bishop Kizito BAHUJIMIHIGO and entrusted the government of the Diocese of Kibungo to His Excellency Archbishop Thaddée NTIHINYURWA, then Archbishop of Kigali, as Apostolic Administrator.

Thaddée effectively administered the Diocese until 20 July 2013, the date when the Diocese of Kibungo received its fourth Pastor in the person of His Excellency Mgr Antoine KAMBANDA, who became Bishop of the Diocese of Kibungo until 27 January 2019, the day he took canonical possession of the Episcopal See of the Archdiocese of Kigali and continued to be its Apostolic Administrator. Currently, he has been elevated to the cardinal dignity under the title of His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA on 28 November 2020.

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