A meeting of the Bishop of Kibungo, Mgr Antoine KAMBANDA, with the apostolic workers working in the Diocese of Kibungo was held at the Pastoral Center of Saint Joseph on 25/04/2017

In the meeting Monsignor first recalled the resolutions of the last meeting dated 25/12/2016, whose focal point was education in the schools of the Diocese. He insisted on the contribution that the Diocese expects from the apostolic workers in the Catholic schools, by dispensing the course of religion. In the same meeting, what is called the hearing service in schools was focused too, since children are sometimes victims of family problems that they do not have the means to share in order to be relieved.

After the presentation, participants shared experiences in their services and gave testimony of how they implemented these resolutions.

In this meeting of 25/04/2017, the central point was the centenary of the priesthood in Rwanda. The Bishop read to the participants the letters of the Rwandan Bishops on the launching and the unfolding of the Jubilee Year
. He also informed them of what has been done so far, and what is still to be done in the preparation of the jubilee proper.

The hundred year anniversary will take place on 07/10/2017 in Kabgayi where the first priests (Barthazar GAFUKU and Donath REBERAHO) were ordained
. On this same day all the deacons of the country will be ordained at Kabgayi

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