The week between 07-13 Aplir is a week of commemoration of the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. During 100 days more than one million Rwandans, priests, religious and Christians, perished.The Diocese of Kibungo, has lost many of its faithful, priests and religious. Among them, six priests were killed. These include Father Justin Ruterandongozi, Father Michel Nsengiyumva, Father Elisée Mpongano, Father Evode Mwanangu, Father Jean Bosco Munyaneza and Father Joseph Gatare. 

Father Justin Ruterandongozi, son of Evariste KANONKO and Merciana Gashirankwanzi, born in Gahurire on 13/9/1948. He was baptized on 3/10/1948 in Zaza and ordained a priest on 02/6/1974. His first appointment was in Zaza parish. His last appointment was at the parish of Zaza, where he was also a professor at the minor seminar of Zaza. Victim of the Genocide, he was killed in Rukoma on 07/04/1994 just on the day of the Genocide.

Father Michel Nsengiyumva, son of Kabuye Etienne and Kamayanja Veronique, was born in Kamonyi on 25/04/1932 and was baptized in Kigali on 8/05/1932. Ordained priest on 01/01/1962 in Kabgayi, he was directly appointed to Zaza parish where he arrived on 15/01/1962

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. Since then, he served in various parishes of the country but especially in Kibungo. His last mission was that of parish priest of Rukoma parish. He was killed in Rukoma during the Genocide as he tried to save the faithful from the aggressors.

Father Elysée Mpongano, son of Elie MUREKEZI and Languida Majara, was born on December 25, 1942 in Kibungo. He was baptized on 29/3/1943 and ordained priest on 25/7/1971 in Kibungo. His first appointment was at the minor seminary of Zaza where he was a professor. His last appointment was at Bare parish, where he was pastor. He was killed in Kibungo on 15/4/1994 during the Genocide


Father Evode Mwanangu, son of Ruhigisha Claudien and Mukarwesa Hélène, was born on 06/08/1959 in Nyagisozi, in the former prefecture of Ruhengeri. He was ordained priest on 25/07/1987 in Kibungo and served as vicar and director of the IPM in Mukarange, then parish priest in Kabarondo, in Mukarange and finally in Zaza

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. Victim of the 1994 genocide, he was killed on 8/4/1994 in Rukoma parish


Father Munyaneza Jean Bosco, son of Murekezi Pierre and Mukandekezi Emerence, was born in Nyarusange (Rwamagana) on 15/03/1957 and baptized in Rwamagana. He was ordained priest on 31/07/1983 and served as vicar in Rwamagana (1983-1984), then parish priest of Rukira from 06/08/1984 to August 1987. From that year until 1991 he Was a professor, prefect of discipline and sports animator at the minor seminary of Zaza. He finally went to Mukarange as parish priest and died there on 12 April 1994 during the Genocide.


Father Gatare Joseph, son of Gatare Smaragde and Mukamutembe Julienne, was born in Kibungo on 24 June 1963, baptized in Kibungo on 22/10/1963 and confirmed on 21/07/1975. Ordained priest on 23/07/1989, Father Joseph was directly appointed Vicar in Zaza, where he remained for about 3 years. He was sent to Mukarange in 1991 as vicar and director of the IPM. It was there that, in 1994, the genocide joined him and the Interahamwe followed him to his refuge with the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption. He showed courage and cold blood when his torturers inflicted so much pain on him.

 May they rest in peace.


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