From 04 to 06 January 2017, there was a training workshop which brought together the priests and some agents of the three Dioceses: Cyangugu, Gikongoro and Kibungo

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. This workshop entitled “Diocese on-line” was based on the use of the website. It was organized in collaboration with Mrs Jutta BECKER of the Missio Austria
. The aim was to prepare the persons in charge of the sites of the dioceses in question to make a good presentation of their articles posted to the site in the WORDPRESS (good treatment of the text and photos).

On the side of the Diocese of Kibungo, the delegation that participated in the formation was composed of Fr

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. Martin NIZIGIYIMANA of the Diocesan Pastoral Coordination, Miss BATAMURIZA Beata, Secretary of the Bishopric of Kibungo, Fr. Jean d’Amour TUMUSENGE, Director Of the Center Saint Joseph and Fr. Emmanuel NTEZIRYAYO, Aumonier of the Burundi refugee camp of Mahama
. The training lasted 3 days and the participants greatly appreciated this beautiful initiative of Mrs Jutta BECKER who played a big part in the construction of the three sites, and the organisation of this worrkshop.



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