On Saturday 22nd September 2018, the Diocese of Kibungo celebrated the 50 years jubilee of its existence

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. This event was preceded by the sacrifice of Mass which was led by His Lordship Bishop Antoine KAMBANDA, the Ordinary of Kibungo Diocese. Before the beginning of the Holy Mass, the Christians first listened to the message from His Eminence Cardinal Fernando FILON who is the Head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelization of peoples. The message which was read was intended to offer encouragement to the Bishop who leads the Diocese of Kibungo, the priests, the religious, as well as the Christians so that they continue bearing witness with courage in season and out of season. He also invoked the Holy Spirit to continue strengthening everybody with the gift of peace, joy, as the Diocese celebrates the 50 years Jubilee.


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During his homily, Bishop Antoine KAMBANDA primarily focused on the key reasons why it is very paramount to celebrate the 50 years jubilee

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. His Excellence pointed out that among the key reasons why the jubilee should be celebrated is renewal of our Christian life, striving for justice, togetherness, and reconciliation. Incidentally, the celebration of 50 years jubilee coincided with the commemoration of the year of reconciliation which was announced by the Rwanda Catholic Episcopal Conference this year
After Mass, all the invitees were asked to come for reception which became an avenue to socialize and share on what was prepared for the guests.

A happy Golden Jubilee to His Excellence Bishop Antoine KAMBANDA, a happy Golden Jubilee to the priests of Kibungo Diocese, to all religious men and women, as well as to all Christians of Kibungo Diocese.

Fr. Dieudonne UWAMAHORO
A Diocesan Committee in charge of communication and cultural activities.


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