bishop-antoine-kambandaHis Excellency Bishop Antoine Kambanda was born on 10 November 1958 in Rwanda, He is 57 years old. Shortly after his birth his family moved to Kenya, where he attended elementary and high school. Later he returned to his homeland, where he attended the junior Seminary in Rutongo, Kigali (1983–1984) and the Saint Charles Borromeo Major Seminary of Nyakibanda in Butare (1984–1990). On 8 September 1990, Kambanda was ordained a priest in Mbare, Kabgayi by Pope John Paul II. After that he was Prefect of Studies (1990–1993) in the minor seminary of St. Vincent in Ndera, Kigali. He then attended the Alphonsian Academy in Rome (1993–1999), where he obtained a doctorate in moral theology.

Antoine KAMBANDA did also different services:

He was appointed Director of the diocesan office of Caritas in Kigali in 1999. He then became director of the Development Committee of the Diocese of Kigali, head of the “Justice and Peace” Commission of the diocese, and professor of moral theology and visitor at the Nyakibanda Major Seminary. In September 2005 Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe appointed him rector of the inter-diocesan major philosophy seminary in Kabgayi. On 10 February 2006 Kambanda was appointed rector of the Saint Charles Borromeo Major Seminary of Nyakibanda.

On 7 May 2013 Kambanda was nominated the Bishop of Kibungo diocese by the Pope Francis.

On 7 Mai 2013 he was appointed as fourth Bishop of Kibungo by his Holiness Pope Francis and inducted on 20 July 2013, and was intronised on 20th July 2013 in Kibungo.

His Motto is:

«Ut vitam habeant »
«They may have life »
John 10,10